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Workplace design - RKS Associate.

This law firm sits at the heart of the business district in Nariman point, Mumbai; in the iconic Jolly Maker Chamber II. Our brief from the client, Adv. Rakesh Singh was simple : “To make the best possible office space” and we ran with it. Our approach for this workspace was one of necessity and eco-consciousness. The use of cane, wood, and integration of greens in the design gives the office a warm and inviting feel while also being environmentally friendly. The space also provides a natural aesthetic that promotes a sense of calm and serenity.


We designed multipurpose spaces that can be used for different functions at different times. For example, the main boss's cabin & conference room are separated with an internal sliding folding wooden partition, this creates possibilities for different uses- either as one large space or as two individual spaces. The library section is tactfully placed near the pantry. This allows the table to function as a place to discuss and read or a place to eat. 


Overall, this law firm's design breaks away from the monotonous office spaces, and emphasises on sustainability & earthy aesthetics which reflects the values and commitment of the firm to making a positive impact on the environment and creating a space that promotes productivity, collaboration and well-being for its employees.

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