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Kari Apla.

While ideating designs for Kari-Apla helmed by talented chefs Ebaani and Mathew their vision was clear from the start, they wanted their space to pay homage to the coastal Indian cuisine while having young and modern elements reflective of their culinary journey. 


Something resembling the intimacy of home: The idea was to create a familiar warmth to the space inspired by the flavours of the western coast and their family recipes. While one sits across the high counter watching their meal being prepared in the open kitchen, one is transported to their own family kitchen where food is being prepared by their loved ones.  

A photo wall is dedicated to the chefs and their journey from their early memories of food, family and the coast right up to their professional journey leading to this venture. 


Space optimization: As with most spaces that this maximum city offers, the challenge was to optimally utilise the space keeping function and aesthetic in the forefront. Bleeding the concrete flooring onto the walls helped open up the space. To maximise seating, a fixed bench was built in the same finish as the flooring paired with loose tables and chairs to easily accommodate smaller or larger groups of people as per need. 


Modern yet Indian: The material palette focuses on blending traditional Indian materials with their contemporary counterparts- table tops made of Indian granite and wooden wall mouldings are juxtaposed with raw concrete surfaces and hints of black metal elements.


Play of colours: A bottle green entrance facade, yellow ceilings and a passage coloured in magenta- are all inspired by the young, eclectic branding. To balance the bold colour blocked elements, the shell is neutral with raw textures resembling wood and concrete. The custom wallpapers and artwork intersperse life and add a distinctive character to the space.

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