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Noir: Residence Design

When we bagged our first project as a design studio we were thrilled because it was a very interesting brief - a living space for a young fashion stylist with unconventional taste. One thing we knew for sure is that we wanted to knock it out of the park because how we executed this project would set the tone for all our projects to follow. Through this project we challenged our conventional aesthetics to cater to the client’s unique style, thus beginning our journey as a new design studio.


Our brief was simple- “make everything black” & “I love the european vintage aesthetic”. While this seemed like an easy enough thing to do, we had several considerations to make with regards to cost, existing site conditions and wrapping our heads around designing a dark living space where the furniture & walls would all be black. We kickstarted the ideation process with sketches & illustrations incorporating the colour black with vintage European design elements.

Considering the budget restrictions, we decided to keep the walls plain & paint it in a dark shade of black while maintaining the original beige coloured marble flooring. This gave rise to a dark modern shell housing vintage looking furniture. Our spin on merging a young & contemporary vibe with design elements having a vintage aesthetic.

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